Effective Home Treatment For Ringworm

Ringworm (also known as tinea) as you know, is a very contagious skin infection and to know the home remedies for ringworm can be very easy yet difficult, to say the least.

What You Should Know About Ringworm.

A contagious skin disease characterized by ring-shaped patches. Caused by fungi, ringworm is found on animals and man. In humans ringworm may attack not only the body’s hairy parts, especially the scalp of children and the beard of adults, but also the ringwormnon-hairy sections of the body.

The latter form develops as a round, rose-colored spot usually having very small blisters around its edge. As the patch expands, the center clears up, giving the afflicted area its usual ring-like appearance.

Ringworm symptoms can be characterized by circular patches, pinkish in color with a desquamating surface, and due to a parasitic fungus.

Ringworm disease may appear on any part of the body, but its occurrence is common on:

  • The scalp (Most common here).
  • The parts without hair.
  • Between the legs.

Most fungus infections including ringworm grow in the form of ring that often itches. Ringworm of the head can produce round, white patches with scales and loss of hair. Fingernails infected with fungus become rough and thick.

Some Shocking Ringworm News

  • According to the French daily Le Monde, 52 percent of households in France have pets. However, a recent study by a group of veterinarians at the Institute of Comparative Animal Immunology, in Maisons-Alfort, France, shows that fungi and parasites carried by France’s 10.4 million cats and 9.9 million dogs are responsible for various diseases in pet owners.
    These include ringworm, roundworm, scabies, leishmaniasis, and toxoplasmosis. The latter can cause miscarriages or fetal malformations in pregnant women. The report also mentions the many allergic reactions caused by household pets and the infections that result from dog bites—about 100,000 a year in France.
  • Dogs are responsible for more than 70,000 cases of infection in humans each year, according to Dr. David Baxter and Professor Ian Lack of Manchester University. The report, taken from the Daily Telegraph of London, says this figure includes 31,000 cases of infections from dog bites, up to 14,000 cases of acute diarrhea, and 9,000 cases of ringworm.

Treating and Getting Home Remedies for Ringworm Disease

The following are the remedies for ringworm:

  • Soap and Water: Washing the infected part everyday with soap and water may be all that is needed.
  • Do your best to keeping the affected areas dry and exposed to sunlight.
  • Be sure to constantly change your socks or underwear often, especially when sweaty.
  • Apply a cream of sulfur and lard (1 part sulfur to 10 parts lard): Creams with salicylic or undecylic acid help cure the fingers, toes and groin. Miconzale cream, if available, is even more effective.
  • For severe Ringworm or tinea of the scalp, or any fungus infection that is widespread or doesn’t get better with the above treatments, take Griseofulvin 1 Gram a day for adults and half a Gram a day for children. It may also be very important to keep taking it for weeks or even months to completely control the infection.

NOTE: It is important to put out all the hair from the infected part. Use Griseofulvin, if possible.

Many tineas or Ringworm of the scalp clears up when a child reaches puberty (11 to 14 years old). Severe infections forming large swollen patches pus should treated with compresses or warm water.

Video on Ringworm Treatment

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Knowing the home remedies for ringworm could go a long way in helping you fight other deadly skin infections.
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