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How do You Get Rid of chickenpox? – A Million Dollar Question

Chicken Pox is a very irritating skin infections. This article discusses how to get rid of it completely.

Well, as you may already know, chicken pox is inevitably one of the most irritating skin infections.

When I was young (probably between the ages of 7-9 years) my mom would tell me not to play, eat or bath with any of my friends with chicken pox. Well, as a young but stubborn lad, I refuted her council and I danced to the how to get rid of chicken pox imagerepercussions of my actions.

It started like a slow poison very subtle and mild, and then in a matter of three days, it began pouring this irritating and ridiculous virus all over my body from head to toe. I was indoors for good three weeks.

It was one of my saddest experiences that I will never forget.I should have listened to my mom. So that’s chickenpox for you.

Alright, let us know what chicken pox is all about first, before we can know how to get rid of chicken pox.

What You Should Know About Chicken Pox

Chickenpox, one of the most common infections of childhood, is killing a growing number of adults,” says the Independent newspaper of London. Figures published in the British Medical Journal show that in the early 1970’s, adults accounted for 48 percent of deaths from chicken pox, whereas by 2001 the figure had risen to 81 percent.

Professor Norman Noah, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, warns: “This study confirms that chickenpox causes considerable mortality in adults . . . Our figure of 25 deaths a year [in England and Wales] is probably an underestimate. . . . If adults get chickenpox they should realize it is different from the childhood disease. They are at greater risk and need to see a doctor much earlier.” Males aged 15 to 44 are most at risk.

Infection begins 2 to 3 weeks after a child (probably an adult) is exposed to another child who has the virus.

Chicken Pox Treatment And Remedies

The infection goes away in a week. But before then, follow these instructions:

  • Bath (the child) with soap and warm water.
  • Apply cool clothes soaked in water from boiled and strained oatmeal, in order to calm itching.
  • Cut the fingernails very short.
  • If the scabs get infected, put genital violet or an antibiotic ointment on them.

So these are okay. The infection will go slowly but surely. It’s just the exact method I applied when I was visited by this same man.

And another very nice thing is that IT OCCURS ONCE IN A LIFETIME. So don’t fret, it will never come again.

Chicken Pox News – Cassava Leaves

The roots are highly appreciated by the people of Africa, but what about the dark-green leaves? Some use them as medication on open wounds or to treat chicken pox. However, for millions in the Central African Republic and several other African countries, the leaves are daily food, as they can be turned into a lovely meal.

In fact, one of the first words that new Watch Tower missionaries learn here is ngunza. This is a delicious stew made from cassava leaves and is the national dish of the Central African Republic—a dish that a visitor to central Africa must by all means try.

Most Europeans living in Africa will never touch a meal made from these leaves, as they consider it to be food for the natives, not for foreigners. But what are the facts? In countries like the Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, and Zaire, these leaves are a daily staple food for many families.

There tends to glowing and growing reports that the United States and most European nations will soon start to use cassava dark-green leaves to cure chickenpox.

Video on How to Get Rid of Chicken Pox

Below is an instructional video on how to get rid of chickenpox fast and easy.

So please apply the above methods and you would have known how to treat chicken pox not only completely but permanently.

Thank you very much for reading this article in its entirety.

Bye for now! –

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