Getting Rid of Vitiligo – An Uphill Task?

Getting Rid of Vitiligo – An Uphill Task?

How to get rid of Vitiligo you ask? Well, it’s not that difficult neither is it very easy to get rid of. So let’s see why it’s not very easy before we delve into our topic under consideration.

What You Should Know About Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease marked by absence of pigment, producing white patches on the face and body. Also known as leukoderma. In some persons, though, certain areas of the skin lose their natural black color, and completely white patches occur.vitiligo

This happens mostly around the:

  1. Mouth
  2. On the hands
  3. Feet and
  4. Around the anus of genitals

Well, it is noteworthy that color loss is not and never a sign of leprosy or any other serious disease. It can be compared to the white hair in older people. However, it can be embarrassing to the person concerned, and cosmetic coloring of the skin may be advised if the problem is on the face.

Vitiligo, also called leukoderma, is triggered by the loss of pigment-producing cells in the skin. This results in the formation of white spots and patches on the skin. With some patients the condition never progresses beyond the appearance of one patch.

With others, however, it spreads over the body quickly. Still others may suffer a slower form of Vitiligo that continues to spread over many years. Vitiligo is neither physically painful nor contagious.

It is most noticeable on dark-skinned people. But there are many people afflicted to one degree or another. Statistics show that between 1 and 2 percent of the population is affected.

Vitiligo knows no racial boundaries and affects men and women equally. Its cause is still unknown. Vitiligo can cause emotional distress to those afflicted, especially when it spreads to the face.

A man named Sibongile explains, “two children looked at me and ran away screaming. Others are hesitant to speak with me, thinking that I may have a contagious disease or that I have been cursed.

If I could get one point across to others, it would be that they do not have to be afraid of people with this condition. They cannot catch Vitiligo by touch or through the air.”

Alright, let’s get started with the treatment of Vitiligo.

How to Treat Vitiligo – Vitiligo Remedies

While there is no sure cure for Vitiligo, there are many ways of dealing with it. For instance, in light-skinned patients, the condition is more evident when the unaffected skin is suntanned. Hence, avoiding exposure to the sun can make the condition less noticeable.

With darker-skinned people, special cosmetics can help disguise the contrasts in skin color. Some patients have responded well to a process known as re-pigmentation. This treatment involves many months of medication and the use of special ultraviolet equipment.

In some cases this treatment has caused normal color to return to parts of the afflicted skin. Other patients choose de-pigmentation. The goal of this treatment is to even out the skin tone by destroying the remaining pigment-producing cells with the use of medication.

Well, a course of Thiacetazone, as used of TB (tuberculosis) may help some people.


It comes in tablet combined with isonizid (INH) in two sizes.
Large: INH 300mg/ Thiacetazone 150mg
Small: INH 100mg/ Thiacetazone 50mg

Side Effects:
In sensitive cases, or where the dose is even a little over the recommended dosage by weight, may cause a rash like measles and sore lips.
If treatment is not stopped at once, it may go on to causing severe rashes all over the body, with soreness of the mouth and eyes and even death.

Please take once each day.
In each dosage take:

  • Adults (If over 40 kg) 3 small tablets or one large tablet (300mg/150mg)
  • Small Adults (young people 20 to 40kg) 2 small tablets. (200mg/100mg)
  • Children (5-12 ears, 10 to 20kg); 1 small tablet (100mg/50mg)
  • Little children (under 10kg) half small tablet (50mg/25mg).

NOTE: is not responsible for any prescription given. It is highly recommended that you go see a doctor.

Vitiligo Treatment Video

Here are some practical ways of reducing the effect of Vitiligo. Enjoy!

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