Valley School Asks Parents to Help ‘Contain Head Lice

Valley School Asks Parents to Help 'Contain Head Lice'
Head Lice Symptoms maybe when your child is scratching their head more than usual, it may be due to more than a difficult math problem. Parents at Clymore Elementary School in Fort Defiance received a letter alerting them that their help was needed …
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Treating for and Preventing Head Lice in Kids
"Head lice like warmth, and so they're going to be very close to the skull or scalp," said Kim Mertz, the director of the Division of Family Health for the Department of Health. So, to check for head lice, you have to pull the hair back and see if you …
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Protecting Your Family From Head Lice
Last week, 5 News told you about the common germs and diseases your child is exposed to during the winter months in school, but there is another nuisance your children can bring home that isn't a germ. That nuisance is a bug, better known as lice. Lice …
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